DR Congo Parliament Votes To Remove Speaker

 DR Congo Parliament Votes To Remove Speaker

Lawmakers in the Democratic Republic of Congo have voted to remove the parliament’s speaker.

The result is a victory for President Félix Tshisekedi, who’s been involved in a power struggle with supporters of his predecessor, Joseph Kabila.

Earlier this week police had to intervene to break up fights between rival politicians.

The speaker, Jeanine Mabunda, was an ally of Mr Kabila. She was impeached after being accused of “partisan leadership” by President Tshisekedi’s supporters – allegations she denied.

The vote also saw the majority in parliament swing in favour of President Tshisekedi.

He can now put into motion plans that he put forward last Sunday. They include forming a government which he said would allow him to deliver more to the Congolese people.

The removal of the speaker is a major blow to former President Kabila, who stepped down last year after leading the central African country for 18 years.

He had full control of both national and provincial assemblies. BBC

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