Dr Chitambala applies as Nchanga MP on PF ticket

 Dr Chitambala applies as Nchanga MP on PF ticket

Chingola District Veterinary Officer Emmanuel Chitambala is the only parliamentary candidate to have applied for Nchanga Constituency as of today March 10, 2021.

A check at the PF District Office by The Independent Observer found that Dr Chitambala was the only one who had formally applied for adoption by press time of today March 10, 2021.

The situation is the same in Chingola Constituency where only the incumbent Member of Parliament Matthew Nkhuwa has officially lodged in his application.

On the mayoral so far only four have applied.

Those four are Maiteneke Ward Councillor Charles Musonda, Bupalo Ward Councillor Nelius Mumba, Kwacha Ward Councillor Zaney Namukale and former Chingola Mayor McDonald Mulongoti.

The applications received after 13:00 hrs of March 10, 2021 were not included.

The Independent Observer will provide you with the full list on Friday.

Chingola PF District Chairperson Felix Mulenga has implored PF structures in wards to pick candidates that are popular on the ground.

Mr Mulenga said during adoptions, the party in Chingola will get little or no input from the ward structures, instead the party will go with a popular candidate on the ground.

He said ward structures can easily be bought by candidates but the situation on the ground speaks volume of who they want.

Chingola District is going to the poll with two addition wards bringing the total to 29.

The new wards are Katuba in Nchanga Constituency and Kamuchanga in Chingola Constituency.

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