DP veep urges women not to limit themselves

 DP veep urges women not to limit themselves

Democratic Party Vice president Judith Kabembe says women should not allow fear, political intimidation, colour or stature limit them from doing what is right for Zambia.

Ms Kabembe said women’s voices have been sidelined for too long but it’s time to fight and challenge the  status quo.

She said women’s day acknowledges the power of women and the ability that women have to deal with various complicated and challenging aspects of life.

Ms Kabembe said women have lost hallowed position by trying to assimilate into what is considered to be a biased world.

“Let us remember that God did not design a biased world where women should live in perpetual suffering and poverty. God’s design for the world was man and woman working together in peaceful harmony, building one another up and promoting each other to the betterment of our societies,” he said.

She said for centuries, brave and bold women have spoken out they have used their voices to rally communities and crowds, to persuade, to teach and to inspire change.

Ms Kabembe said while man has been given the mandate of authority, a woman has been given the mantle of influence.

She said DP desire to see women succeed in all their endeavors hence the reason that once voted into power it share ensure among other things that a bank is established which will give loans to women at the terms affordable to them.

She said empowerment fund will be given to all women regardless of their political affiliations as well as training them in leadership and marketing skills.

“As key stakeholders in development we need to realize that as women the role in fostering women rights is our own and as such we need to support each other and chose to take the role to challenge our obstacles and unlock the potential that a woman carries as a partner in development. May I encourage my fellow women that even as we celebrate this day, let us raise and stretch our hands to our fellow women who might be weak and be a sisters keeper


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