DP still exist, we haven’t been deregistered

 DP still exist, we haven’t been deregistered

…volcanic Harry Kalaba sending PF in shivers

The Democratic Party (DP) Spokesperson Judith Kabemba has clarified that DP still exists legally despite media insinuations that it has been deregistered.

Speaking during the media briefing at Chingola’s Skyview hotel last evening, Ms Kabemba said DP had followed all procedures and statutory obligations to legalise and formalize the office bearers of the party.

She said the party had received threats of deregistration from Chief Registrar of Societies Thandiwe Mhende saying the secretariat of DP was not meeting set standard after random inspection.

“We have regularized everything with the help of the same Registrar and we have paid all the needed statutory obligations to the same office and we were receipted. We wrote to the same office to change the names of office bearers and the same Registrar assisted us and we did the change of ownership.

“What we can’t understand is sadden turn of events. But we have a clue that when we dated Bahati Member of Parliament Harry Kalaba to be our 2021 presidential candidate, everything became sour. From our assumptions is that Mr Kalaba is a real threat to PF,” she said.

Ms Kabemba complained that there has been continuous trend by PF to block and frustrate any political party associated with Mr Kalaba.

She said the Zambian Democrats which was associated with Mr Kalaba was blocked saying it could not be registered.

“Harry Kalaba seems to be a volcano and he is really putting heat on PF such that they spend sleepless nights plotting on how to thwart his next move. But we are on standby too with our legal brains that should the worst go to the dogs, we will fight in court.

“This is because the only punitive measures we can receive from the Registrar of Societies at this point is a penalty of a fine and not deregistration. We should not be taken for a ride as Zambians where we have political arm-twisting in order to stay in power,” she said.

The Independent Observer was told that Mr Kalaba had a successful church service in Mufulira where multitudes turned out to meet him.

With his name associated with DP other members from opposition leaders have been seen crossover to DP thereby sending wrong political message to the ruling party.

Below is the correspondence between the Registrar of Societies and DP.


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