DP Spokesperson, 21 others arrested

 DP Spokesperson, 21 others arrested

The Democratic Party (DP) Spokesperson Judith Kabemba together with 21 other DP members have been arrested for unlawful assembly.

Coppperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga says the 22 were arrested around 12:00 hrs today January 25, 2020 for unlawful assembly.

Ms Katanga said Riverside Police had received a report that DP members were having a political meeting at house number 95 Buchi road, the house for Martha Mwale 34 of 94 Buchi Street without a police permit.

She said when police visited the house they arrested 16 women and five men plus DP Spokesperson.

The 22 are detained at Riverside Police station.

Meanwhile, DP National Finance Secretary Justin Nkonke Ms Kabemba was a having a private meeting with the 21 members inside a house when armed police popped up.

Mr Nkonke said the 22 were arrested and detained at Riverside Police station on flimsy reasons that they had gone against the Public Order Act (POA).

“I’m very disappointed with police and the way they came. They came armed as though we are criminals. The same POA they said we went against doesn’t contain any single clause where meetings in private homes are forbidden.

“We demand that they release our people. The PF knows that they don’t have support and they want to abuse the police and use them to intimidate the opposition but we won’t chicken out,” he said.

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