DP finally deregistered

 DP finally deregistered

Democratic Party (DP) Spokesperson Judith Kabemba (l) with party President Gift Kalumba showing off the party symbol at Kitwe’s Sherbourne Executive Lodge. Picture By JOHN SAKALA

The Democratic Party (DP) has finally been deregistered by the Registrar of Societies.

DP has been threatened with deregistration ever since it dated Bahati Member of Parliament as its 2021 Presidential candidate.

DP Spokesperson Judith Kabemba has confirmed the deregistration of the partyy to The Independent Observer.

“The indescribable fear that had stormed the PF over DP and Harry Kalaba has finally caused PF to act illegally and irrationally causing it to fail to resist the temptation of deregistering DP. It has since gone ahead to deregister the DP despite not having any proper reasons.

It’s clear that PF has realised that DP and Kalaba are their biggest force to reckon with come 2021 hence they are now doing everything possible to destroy the DP, a mission which the Zambian people will not allow.

“DP will not be moved or shaken by the political hooliganism and maneuvers being perpetrated by PF using Mhende Chief Registrar of Societies. Instead DP will draw inspiration, courage and determination to soldier on knowing confidently that we are a force to reckon with,” she said.
She said the decision taken by Mhende clearly demonstrates that there is a big hand pushing for this action.

“It’s surprising that for some time now we have been hearing people say Kalaba is not a factor in the Zambian political arena but today one wonders why they are having sleepless nights over the man they called a non factor and obviously now the invitation that DP has given to Kalaba has caused them to embark on a mission to frustrate every political party associating with Kalaba.

“They should know that Kalaba is not a leper who should be alone. Kalaba is a son of the land who has the right to associate with who ever and which ever party he agrees with. He also has the right to contest as President of Zambia considering the fact that the Zambian people have identified him as a true leader.

The DP would like to therefore urge its members not to panic but to stay calm and collected as everything is under control.

Let it be put to record that the DP will take this matter to court and our lawyers will explore every legal way and justice will be given because the Registrar of Societies has no reasons whatsoever that warrants the deregistration of the party,” she said.

The Independent Observer


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