Door to door campaign best strategy- Siluyele

 Door to door campaign best strategy- Siluyele

United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate for Nchanga Ward Jones Siluyele says the door to door campaign is the Best strategy because it brings interaction between the voter and the candidate.

Mr Siluyele said that door to door campaign makes the people to know the candidate they will be voting for and listen to their concerns as they are interacting.

He said despite few challenges as people tried to bring comparison between their party with other parties, the interaction is going well.

Mr Siluyele has called on the candidates and the people of Zambia to conduct peaceful campaigns and maintain relationship with people because elections come and go.

“Regardless of  political affiliation people should maintain relationships because after elections, am still a member of the church, that community, an employee of that Company so it’s important that we campaign peacefully and stay in harmony,” he said.

He has urged the people of Nchanga to vote for him and President Hichilema for Zambia to move forward