Don’t vote for PF-Nevers Mumba

 Don’t vote for PF-Nevers Mumba

By Ireen Mulenga
Opposition New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy MMD President Nevers Mumba has called on Zambians not to vote for the Patriotic Front PF ahead of the August Polls.

Speaking in an interview, Dr Mumba said maintaining the PF government beyond 2021 will not address the poor current economic status that the country is facing.

He said Zambians are in trouble with the PF government and voting them again, would mean things will remain the way they are or get worse, so a replacement is important.

Dr Mumba said the biggest mistake Zambians have made is replacing government with the worst government.
He said is not every change of government that works for the interest of the people.

“The fact is that the MMD made so many mistakes and being replaced by PF has not changed anything,” he said

Dr Mumba said his eyeing for the president is because he can do better and the party has pledged to respect the rule of law.

He said his office will be holding a policy of zero Torrance against corruption and he has promised to be strong on justice so that everyone can feel Zambians.

Dr Mumba also said that the PF have failed to stabilize the economy hence the need of removing them from power.

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