Don’t throw litter in drainage-Chingola Mayor


Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has urged Chingola residents to desist from throwing garbage in the newly constructed drainage system.

Mr Tembo said that the drainage are getting blocked due to garbage being thrown in them.

He said that the rain season has given the council an opportunity to sample the works AVIC did on drainage in relation to water logging.

He said the council will communicate to RDA to call AVIC to look at what they have done whether it is by design or specification such that the drainage get water logged.

The Mayor was responding to Kabundi ward Councillors Brain Banda’s question on the drainage which are blocking in his ward during an ordinary council meeting.

Mr Banda also demanded for an apology for delaying the council meeting which was supposed to take place last year in December.

The Town Clerk Mutakela Kabombo apologized to the house that this was due to a number of circumstances but promised to be schedule.