Don’t demoralize HH’s CDF Drive- Activist urges stakeholders

 Don’t demoralize HH’s CDF Drive- Activist urges stakeholders

Political Activist Chanda Mulenga has urged local authorities across the country and Zambia Public Procurement Authority- (ZPPA) to ensure speedy actualization of development as desired by President Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Mulenga, a Former UPND National Youth Chairman for Mobilisation, says President Hichilema has demonstrated political will by increasing CDF from 1.6 Million Kwacha to over 25 Million Kwacha.

Mr Mulenga said he is disappointed that about 1.6 Million Kwacha Isoka Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is reported to be seating idle at Atlas Mara Bank Isoka Branch in Muchinga Province.

According to ZANIS, Isoka Member of Parliament Marjorie Nakaponda said the local authority is failing to disburse funds to 16 contractors whose projects were approved 6 months ago by CDF committee.

However, when contacted for a comment on the matter, Isoka District Planning Officer Sailas Sichone said Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) has not authorized the disbursement of the funds.

And, Commenting on the development, Mr Mulenga feared that procedural hurdles might affect speed especially that President Hichilema is in a hurry to develop the country.

Mr Mulenga emphasised that institutions are important in ensuring transparency and accountability but should be expeditious if the country is to develop.