Do not allow political violence-SACCORD

 Do not allow political violence-SACCORD

Southern African Centre for the constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) says the political violence which was witnessed in the past days has the potential to jeopardize the holding of free and fair elections in August.

SACCORD project manager Arthur Muyunda said that the violence which was experienced in some parts of the country must not be allowed.

“Despite political parties having divergent views, they should always be mindful of conducting peaceful campaigns without engaging in any political violence,” he said.

Mr Muyunda said that there is need for citizens to understand the dangers of political violence.

He was speaking during a public forum on politics and elections in times of Covid-19 held at Zambezi junction lodge in Livingston.

Political parties must promote issue bases politics and campaigns ahead of the August, 12 general elections at all cost.

“I wish to commend political parties in Livingston  taking part in elections for maintain peaceful campaigns, so far there has not been any serious reports of political violence in Livingston ,” he said.

Mr Muyunda said SACCORD has a mandate to provide citizens an opportunity on how to participate an election.