Do more cancer sensitization, Govt urged

 Do more cancer sensitization, Govt urged

Medical for Quality Healthcare in Zambia (MQHZ) Director General Quince Mwabu has called for more Cancer awareness in communities with a view to help them fully understand more about cancer

Dr Mwabu said that it is a challenge to handle all cancer patient referred to cancel hospital in Lusaka because it has overwhelmed being the only cancer hospital.

He said the new system through Ministry of health still have chances to decentralize these programs so that people can have access to this services in their districts.

“ Yes I can say that they have not done much  interms  of cancer fighting but I  can say that there are on the right track, we still  have challenges because of just having one compressive cancer hospital at UTH, so there is too much pressure and it’s critical, “ he said.

He said that Zambia has recorded more cases of cancer in Southern Africa hence the need to  do more sensitization so that people can know about cancer and understands the symptoms.

Dr Mwabu has called for decentralization of cancer centres in all districts in order to avoid cancer patients from seeking medical attentions at Cancer Diseases Hospital-CDH-in Lusaka.