Disruption of Bill 10 discussion is no small matter

 Disruption of Bill 10 discussion is no small matter

By Chibamba Kanyama
The LAZ organized Bill 10 public discussion was disrupted yesterday by unruly individuals. The event was not held in an open-air environment but in a 5 star hotel.

That alone tells you about the required level of etiquette for every participant. We may be taking such uncouth conduct as one of those inconsequential happenings.

Soon, and pretty soon, the space for liberties and people’s freedoms will be getting smaller and smaller.

Even those people who think they are too important to speak and condemn such conduct will soon find themselves dislodged from their air conditioned offices where they are making money quietly.

We saw this happen in the 1980s during which executives were lifted into the air. This is no small matter fellow Zambians.

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