Dishing out of money should be condemned-GEARS

 Dishing out of money should be condemned-GEARS

Governance Elections Advocacy Research Services (GEARS) initiative Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi has described the video which Vice President Inonge Wina is seen dishing out money to cadres in North Western Province as disturbing.

Mr Chipenzi said that the Vice President’s actions are capable of undermining the electoral process.

He said that kind of behavior is the reason why poverty has been characterised in the country because of the current resume.

Mr Chipenzi said that they did not expect that from the vice president as being an elderly person.

“The Vice President should show President Edgar Lungu on how to play the politics, politics of respect, politics of ensuring that hunger is reduced and not politics of enhancing poverty in the country by going the with k 100 using the DMMU to show that u care for the people, that is not good,” he said.

He said Zambia is a Christian Nation and this is the time to preach peace to the Zambians and uphold the morals instead of Corrupting people in the name of winning elections.

Mr Chipenzi said the behaviour of vice president has been condemned and they hope that she will reflect on her conduct because it is recently when she refused that the people giving out the money are the oppositions not the ruling party.

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