Disaster hits Kasenengwa

 Disaster hits Kasenengwa

Three temporal bridges made by the local communities in Kasenengwa constituency have been washed away due to heavy rains.

The bridges namely Katondo, Kasenengwa and Chiwayu have been completely washed away thereby cutting off the people of Kasenengwa, Chipata and Mambwe districts traveling on the Chipata-msoro road.

Kasenengwa Member of Parliament Sensio Banda who rushed to the scene found people stranded as they could not cross over to access medical and other services.

Mr Banda said during an address to the affected people that he will immediately engage the DMMU, the Minister of Infrastructure Development to ensure that a lasting solution is found.

“We call on any other possible support towards finding a solution to the washed away bridges in Kasenengwa,” he said.

The Chipata-Msoro road is a key road which passes through Kasenengwa Constituency linking Chipata and Mambwe District.

The road has been neglected for a long time which lead the local people to construct temporal bridges to ease their travel.

The heavy rains that are currently being experienced in the country continue to wash away bridges cutting off people from necessary services.

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