Demand for tangible Economic solutions in the coming polls-GPZ

 Demand for tangible Economic solutions in the coming polls-GPZ

Golden Party of Zambia (GPZ) President Jackson Silavwe says Youths Should demand for Jobs, Local Industries and Tangible Economic Solutions not handouts.

Mr Silavwe said the handout of beer and money to the youths by politicians should not be allowed in this year’s general elections.

“As the clock keeps ticking, politicians are now in the panic mode. Greedy politicians want to appease the youth by doing damage control of the wasted five years by giving them money and beer, now they fear the people they thought are not important,” he said.

He said the youths of Zambia should remember that handouts, beer and free food will not take them anywhere especially in this economic hardships.

Mr Silavwe said that instead of creating jobs and business opportunities for the youths, politicians have turned them into beggars instead of partners in national development.

He said that Zambian youths should vote or support leaders that will open doors that enhances their evolvement so that they can have a great future.

Mr Silavwe said that his party believes in the leadership that brings dignity to the people by giving them decent sources of income through jobs and business opportunities.

He said that Golden party also believe in sustainable empowerment not giving bags of mealie meal, regalia, handouts, money or beer in order to extend one’s stay in office or get into office.

Mr Silavwe said the youths have the necessary qualifications, ideas and knowledge to work but lacks political leadership to guide them.

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