Debra Richie interred, 50 unruly jerabos arrested

 Debra Richie interred, 50 unruly jerabos arrested

The Chingola based leader of jerabos Isaac Chiwasha 39, popularly known as Debra Richie who died from fire burns after being set ablaze by rival gang has been buried at Chingola Town centre cemetery amid tight police security.

The casket of Debra could hardly be seen at the burial site because of the multitude of people and fellow jerabos has completely surrounded the coffin.

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In combatting gangsterism 50 jerabos have been arrested by police who were deployed across the entire district.

Some were arrested in Kapisha while others were arrested in town and en-route to the graveyard.

Armed police officers accompanied by traffic police officers were deployed on all roads leading to the graveyard and they searched each vehicle.

All vehicles carrying jerabos or residents with suspicious look were barred from going at the gravesite.
Copperbelt Police Chief Katanga has confirmed to The Independent Observer the arrest of 16 suspected jerabos in Kapisha Township and 34 in Town for conduct likely to cause the breach of peace.

Ms Katanga said all the 50 suspects were detained in police custody.

The Independent Observer

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