‘Dead’ girl walk back to her parents’ home

 ‘Dead’ girl walk back to her parents’ home

There was commotion at Ndola Central Police yesterday after a girl of Masala Township in Ndola who is believed to have died two years ago walked back to her parents’ home.

Winnie Lufunja 19, died on November 14, 2016 after an illness.

Her body was taken to the mortuary and after body viewing which acts as surety that the right person was in the casket she was buried November 16 at grave number 73 buried at Mitengo cemetery.

In the twist of events Winnie, re-appeared at her home at the weekend.

Upon being interviewed the girl said that it was not her they buried but a banana tree.

This prompted Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga to quickly organize a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) and a pathologist was called.

All roads led to Mitengo cemetery where the-said-Winnie was buried and Ndola Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya assisted with all details at the graveyard.

The body was exhumed, the parents identified the coffin after it was exhumed then later a blanket after it was opened.

Bones and hair were confirmed as human remains after exhuming the burial site of Winnie at Mitengo cemetery at around 17:50 hours.

This was contrary to assertions that it was a banana which was buried at grave number 73.

The samples were taken from the remains at the graveyard, parents of Winnie and Winnie herself to ascertain whether she was indeed the one.


The mystery remains until after the results of DNA are ready.

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