De-link Zambian football from politics

 De-link Zambian football from politics

By Jonathan Ngoma
When you ask Kalusha Bwalya cadres what wrong Andrew Kamanga has done as an Administrator, all they will say is: “He Has Failed”

What exactly should he do? They will not give you answer, they will be quick to say Bring Kalu Back?

But you want to bring him for what? The crop of former players you can equate Kalusha to are the likes of Nwako Kanu, Jay Jay Okocha, Abedi Pele, George Weah, Mark Fish, Samuel Eto.

These guys made their money from football, they heavily invested in themselves and they think it would be cheap for them to get it into football administration fights.

In most parts of the world football is run by business men. Is Kalusha the only Ex Zambian Footballer?

For your own knowledge even as you move around with your cadre mentality. The role of an FA president is administration.

Ensuring that resources to smoothly run football are available. He is not a coach, he doesn’t select players. He responds to the demands of football administration.

The problem is we have brought politics to this once upon a time a very beautiful game. As long as politics take play on Zambian Football, these will be the results.

You keep fighting AK. Left Right and Centre. Just signing contract ya coach people want to stretch their muscle on it in the middle of qualifiers.

You have a whole Provincial Minister publicly declaring hate for an FA President How?


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