DC Kitwe almost locked out by PF cadres

 DC Kitwe almost locked out by PF cadres

By Staff Writer
Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu was almost locked out by PF cadres that have kept on pressing for removal of Mr Mpundu but police quickly intervened.

The youths reportedly led by the PF Kitwe District Youth Chairman Kaboba Mukuzo were intercepted by alert security wings in Kitwe who have since warned of stern actions on the youths if they proceeded with the plans.

Sources claimed  that PF Secretary General Davis Mwila who is believed to be on the payroll of National Planning Minister Alexander Chiteme instructed the youths through the said Mr Kaboba who is also a Teacher and heading a community school at St Anthony to effect the closure of DC’s office.

This is the same Mr Kaboba who a few years ago was arrested and mercilessly beaten by police for closing the office of the then Director Administration at Kitwe City Council Wisdom Bwalya.

They claim that PF Secretary General instructed the youths to close the DC’s office on complaints from the Nkana MP who a week ago was embarrassed by youths in Nkana West for rejecting his K10, 000 empowerment.

They alleged that he had been absent from the area for three years after being voted MP which act has been blamed on the Kitwe DC Binwell Mpundu as having sponsored the said youths.

Sources who sought anonymity have said Kitwe DC has been giving the Nkana MP sleepless nights on suspicions that the DC will go for the Nkana seat in 2021 arising from his popularity among the residents of Kitwe.

It now remains to be known what actions the police will take on the attempts to embarrass the office of the President led by a civil servant who is also cadre Mukuzo.

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