Day Two: Water blues hits Chingola

 Day Two: Water blues hits Chingola

Chingola is experiencing serious water blues for the past two days.

All the Townships fed from Kafue Water treatment plant have no water blues.

Hope was seen to be within reach but another setback of power interruption sipped in.

Mulonga Water and Sewerage Managing Director Kanyembo Ndhlovu say the water blues were due to lack of power from Zesco.

Mr Kanyembo said the utility company had finished repair works at Kafue treatment plant ahead of schedule but Zesco couldn’t supply power.

He said the Kabundi reservoir which is the main distribution centre of water requires power to execute the job.

“The work done during the shutdown was completed last night, much earlier than scheduled. But we apologise for the continued loss of supply to our esteemed customers, the inconvenience caused is regretted,” he said.

Affected areas are Kabundi East, Kabundi North, Kabundi South,Town Centre, Riverside, Chingola Central, Kasompe, Chikola, Twatasha Site & Service, Mudzabera, Kasala Kapopo,Lulamba and Mimbula.

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