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Having executed missionary works for the last five decades especially with Apostolic Church in Zambia, (ACZ) Missionaries Peter Pedersen and Clara Marie have finally bade farewell to the church fraternity in Zambia.

The Danish couples are returning to their native country, Denmark, after accomplishing their mission of preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to masses in Zambia for the last 50 years.

Peter and Clara Marie spent most of the time at Kaniki Bible College (KBC) in Ndola and their work there will forever be cherished by those associated with that institution.

KBC was given to ACZ, and the College is now known as Kaniki Bible University

After their 21 years of Ministry in Kaniki, the couple will also be remembered for their good deeds that they championed in the golden jubilee stay in Zambia.

During their stay in Zambia, the couple not only preached the Gospel but also groomed pastors in Apostolic Church in Zambia and many other churches in and outside of Zambia.

When Peter and Clara Marie set foot on Zambian soil in 1972, the first person they trained as a pastor was Mr Friday Sichilima in Luanshya.

Peter persuaded and encouraged Brother Sichilima to become a pastor and he honoured this call without any resistance.

“They encouraged me to work for the Lord and I am grateful. They have really helped me and my family during their stay in Zambia and they will be greatly missed,” Bishop Sichilima said.

Through the works of the couple, Pastor Sichilima was transferred to Chililabombwe in 1991 where he retired 26 years later, after having grown a great Church called “The Moving Church” being one of the many congregations of Apostolic Church in Zambia.

He said his family will always live to remember the couple for helping them and most importantly according them a chance to work for the Lord.

It appears; Peter and Clara Marie touched the lives of many in the Sichilima family as their daughter Eunice has also paid glowing tribute to the couple.

“I would like to say thanks to the missionaries who came from Denmark, as it now it is their time to go back. They have done their work in Zambia and Africa. They have been standing with us and I wish them all the best as they travel back,” she said.

Through their tireless efforts the couple identified Eunice’s talent in music and advised her parents to take her to school.

Eunice trekked to South Africa to pursue a music course in Praise and Worship.

She said the two have been instrumental in her life and through music she has traveled the world because of the two Missionaries.

Going by their heartwarming works in Zambia, Peter and Clara Marie have surely embedded their names in the lives of many people and will certainly be talked or thought about for years to come.

Alice Nachilembe


Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.