Curfew hits Chingola

 Curfew hits Chingola

Home Affairs Ministers Stephen Kampyongo says night movements in Chingola has been restricted to improve policing of the district.

And Mr Kampyongo has warned any media making inciting remarks on Chingola volatile situation that it will face the full wrath of the law and it will be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, Defence Minister Davies Chama says the anger among the residents is understood because the security wings have taken long to nip out the bad.

Speaking in Chingola today after he together with Defence Minister Davies Chama and the two Chingola Parliamentarian Matthew Nkhuwa and Chali Chilombo for Chingola and Nchanga Constituencies respectively visited homes where the hacking took place, Mr Kampyongo said desperate situation calls for desperate measures.

He said the introduction of restriction on night movements is to ensure policing is made easy so that innocent Zambians are not mistakenly affected.

The Minister said the police will follow the Council by-law which stipulates that every bar must closes by 22:00 hours and thereafter anyone found loitering will be arrested.

And Mr Kampyongo said any media making inciting remarks will face the full wrath of law.

He said it will not end only at arresting them but prosecuting the media making inciting remarks.

Mr Kampyongo said the relevant authorities will be informed so that such a media can be dealt with firmly.

He said careless reporting has a potential of sending the country in flames like it has happened to other countries.

The Minister said on the volatility of Chingola, all media houses will he required to verify with police and avoid sensationalism.

He thanked Mr Nkhuwa for providing logistical support to police when he donated his Hilux to Police.

And Mr Chama said the anger among people is understood because the security wings have taken long to nip out the bad.

He sensed the atmosphere when duo addressed the residents at Chiwempala market.

Mr Chama said Police will also need to take away criminal elements among the residents.

He said targeting people who have prospered in life on flimsy excuses that they are satanists is retrogressive.

“People share riches and and not poverty. I don’t want to defend Kamwefu or the lady whose shops were attacked at motherland but let our people work hard so that they can prosper,” he said.

He advised Chingola Police Chief Peter Miselo to be going on radio stations to rebut falsehood and also to sensitise the residents.

Inspecpector General of Kakoma Kanganja and all the Provincial Security Commanders were present with heavy presence of Police.

Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Bright Nundwe, PF National Youth Chairperson Kelvin Sampa were also in the entourage.

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