Create customer happiness, Mutati implores Mobile operators 

 Create customer happiness, Mutati implores Mobile operators 

By Stuff Writer

Technology and Science Minister Felix Mutati has implored players in the telecommunication sector to endeavor creating customer happiness by ensuring affordability of services and enhanced quality of service.

And Mr Mutati has launched the 800MHZ and 2,600MHZ bands radio spectrum auction by ZICTA that will be key to expanding service delivery and stimulate capacity expansion and upgrade of wireless broadband networks and services.

Speaking at the launch Mr Mutati said while government is mindful that the spectrum will enhance quality of service and elavate technologies, there is need for practical conversations on how to tackle as well as reduce the cost of doing business thereby creating citizen happiness.

Mr Mutati said it is government’s shared vision on the need to create customer happiness through affordability of service provision by operators.

“In addressing the issue of reducing the cost of doing business for the sector which will terminate issues of affordability to the customer, we must face the issue and one of the things we have to do together is the need to accelerate our effort collectively to inter-operate. This will reduce transaction costs across the economy. Our shared vision is that we must create customer happiness and the only way to do that is affordability, by lowering the cost” Mr Mutati said.

He said the launched spectrum is expected to result in high speed internet, create new opportunities, value added services for SMEs and create the much desired new jobs.

Mr Mutati also said the recently launched Public Private Dialogue Forum by President Hakainde Hichilema encompasses technology and science, hence the need for round table discussions with sector players to address elements creating irritation and costs in the sector, thereby slowing down the journey to digitize the country’s economy.

He said there is need to explore immediate and urgent impact interventions adding that with the launched spectrum auction, investments will be rolled into digital infrastructure that will accelerate attainment of 98 percent population coverage by 2026 through collaboration with industry players.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutati said there is need to accelerate efforts to deliver a digital identity for all its citizens which will reduce cost across all sectors and also reduce fraud among other vices by upto 15 percent.

And Mr Mutati said sector players must appreciate the new dawn government because it listens to concerns as it has a desire and motivation to see such businesses prosper.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.