Create an enabling environment for local businesses, govt urged

 Create an enabling environment for local businesses, govt urged

Chingola Chamber of Commerce has called on government to create an enabling environment for local businesses in the country.

Chingola Chamber of Commerce President Freddie Musonda says government pointed at a lot of issues that needed to be worked on during campaigns.

Mr Musonda said Chingola has a lot of things that needs to be worked on in order for commerce in the district to be in full operation.

He also pledged to work hand in hand with the municipality in developing the district into a city.

“The chamber is working on a list of strategic needs of the district which will soon be delivered to the ministry of commerce on what needs to be worked on in the district, there is a lot of economic and financial capacity for Chingola to achieve the city status and as a chamber it is our mandate to work with government to ensure that it is achieved,” he said.

And Gardner Emmanuel a board member said that the local contractors were reduced to beggars before they could get paid by investors a situation which he says needs to be addressed.

Mr Emmanuel proposed that the ministry of commerce and trade provides some laws that protect the local industry especially from multi-nationals.

“The repercussions of delayed payments are that, it provides a safe guard measure for the working capital a scenario which affects both contractors and government in-terms of revenue collection,” he said.

Mr Emmanuel also proposed that a Statutory Instrument be issued to all businesses for payments to be made on time.

Speaking at the same meeting, minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Chipoka Mulenga assured the Chamber of Commerce of government’s full support

Mr Mulenga said that president Hichilema is very much committed to the growth of the economy by making sure that the SMEs are functional for money to circulate in the system

“The government wants to see to that the business communities in Zambia get a fair share of what belongs to them, it will not let down the people that voted in large numbers during elections that is why we want to work tirelessly to deliver to the people’s expectations,” he said.

Mr Chipoka further said that his ministry will work around making the cost of doing business easy for local business.

He said government is very much concerned on how it has been difficult for Zambian entrepreneurs to have access to finances.