Covid-19 vaccine not mandatory- Dr Chanda

 Covid-19 vaccine not mandatory- Dr Chanda

By Ireen Mulenga
Minister of Health Jonas Chanda says the Covid-19 Vaccine will not be Mandatory  when  it gets into the  country .

Mr Chanda said that Zambia is making progress in procuring the Covid-19 Vaccines.

He said a steady progress has been made and it will  be optional to those willing will to be given the Vaccine.

Mr Chanda said the covid-19 cases had now reduced  than before.

He said Zambia used to  record 800 to 900 cases per day but now it has reduced to 100 in a day

And Health expect Dr  Isaac Sakala said has warned  the country to take extra care by following the Health guidelines put in place by Health authority.

He also said that patient has the right to refuse to medicine  even at the last point of  death.

Zambian’s Covid-19  cases is now nearing to 90 000 out of the 1 million tests conducted  from March 2020 when the virus was detected.

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