Covid-19 restrictions lifted

 Covid-19 restrictions lifted

Government has lifted Covid-19 restrictions for the next one month starting tomorrow October 2nd, 2021 following the reduction in transmissions.

Health Minister Sylvia Masebo said the lifting of the restrictions will be monitored in order to make appropriate decisions before the end of the month.

Ms Masebo said Churches, Markets, Public places, and Transport will operate normally but under strict COVID-19 guidelines.

She said public events of a social nature, Workplaces, Physical conferences, Bars and social places will operate normally but that premises must be disinfected regularly.

The Minister said her office will continue to monitor closely the situation and will take appropriate measures should the cases escalate.

Ms Masebo said Zambia has also been removed from high-risk status by some countries adding that others will soon follow suit.

And the country has in the last 24 hours recorded 68 new cases out 6-thousand and 4-hudred and 31 cases recorded with one COVID -19 death.