Covid-19 is not a hoax-Malupenga

 Covid-19 is not a hoax-Malupenga

Government has expressed concerned that some sections of society continue to portray COVID-19 as a hoax, in the process misleading many into believing that the disease does not exist.

Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga said the trend is a serious behavioral problem that must be addressed by everyone, the media in particular.

“The eradication of Covid-19 is dependent on attitude and behavioral change of the people who continue to relax and are under the false belief that the disease does not exist,” he said.

Mr. Malupenga said the media should go a step further than just highlighting the five golden rules for covid-19 prevention, to analyzing conditions, practices and situations in which covid-19 thrives and why.

“In order to achieve this, the media needs to be well vested with the technical descriptions found in scientific writings around Covid-19 and translate them into simple and clear summaries using simple vocabulary,” he said.

Mr. Malupenga said this in a speech read on his behalf by Director Press and Media Development, in the Ministry of Information, Modern Mayembe at the official opening of a media and science engagement workshop in Lusaka.

And, DSaT Executive Director and Principal Investigator Veronica Mwaba said her organization has embarked on training programs for the media to enhance their knowledge and capacity to report on covid-19 and other health issues, effectively.

“Zambians should not ignore the fact that covid-19 is here and poses a serious threat to the health of the people,” she said.