COVID-19: Impact On Economy Not Known, Dr Ng’andu

 COVID-19: Impact On Economy Not Known, Dr Ng’andu

Finance Minister Bwalya Ng’andu says the full impact of the coronavirus on the economy is not yet known as the pandemic is still evolving.

Dr Ng’andu said it is, therefore, difficult to assess exactly how it will affect the economy and that the impact will be known once the pandemic had run its full course.

He has also advised the financial sector to make use of electronic platforms for transactions in the wake of the coronavirus.

Dr Ng’andu said people should only go to the bank when it is necessary to minimise the use of cash.

He noted that cash is a potential transmitter of COVID-19 as it is handled by many people.

Dr Ng’andu said this when he received a donation of 5 hundred and 76 bottles of hand sanitizers from Aru Industries Limited and 12 by 25 litre containers of Ethanol sanitisers from Zhongkai International Ltd at the Ministry of Finance in Lusaka today.

The Minister received the sanitizers on behalf of the National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) and the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA).

Dr Ng’andu said the donation will go a long way in protecting staff of the two institutions, who are at high risk as they interact with a large number of people in their course of duty.

He called on other business entities to come on board in preventing the spread of COVID-19 as it is in the full interest of their businesses.

And, Dr Ng’andu advised Journalists to be careful as they are also at high risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the nature of their work.

He called on them to conduct their work bearing in mind the threat of the pandemic.

And Zhongkai International Limited Managing Director, Chengui Ping said the company is ready to work with Government to get rid of the Coronavirus, hence the donation.

Mr Chengui said the company intends to start production of more ethanol sanitizers for distribution to high density areas.

Meanwhile, Aru Industries Limited Marketing Manager, Umesh Kumar said his company has decided to partner with Government in fighting the pandemic by producing hand sanitizers.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.

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