Country food secure-Govt

 Country food secure-Govt

Government has assureed the nation that the country is food secure despite the reduced harvest during the 2021/2022 farming season.

Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda saidsome sections of society raised concern about a weak food security situation in the country, coupled with high mealie meal prices.

Ms Kasanda assured the nation that the country is food secure beyond the next harvest.

She said that through stakeholder consultation and collaboration, Government will ensure that mealie meal is available and affordable and that no citizen of this country will go hungry.

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As at 12th May, 2022 when the Minister of Agriculture Hon. Reuben Mtolo Phiri, MP, announced the crop Forecast Survey results for the 2021/2022 Agriculture Season, the country had the following stocks:

  1. Maize

During the 2021/2022 agriculture season, the country produced a total of 2,706,243.00 metric tonnes of maize. In addition, the country had a total of maize carry-over stock of 1,506,432 metric tonnes, giving a total stock of 4,209,675.00 metric tonnes.

Total annual national maize grain requirement for human, livestock, industrial and other uses, stands at 3,004,763 metric tonnes.

When this is netted out of the total available stock of 4,209,675 metric tonnes, it leaves the country with an excess maize stock of 1,204,912 metric tonnes.

  • Maize price

Prices of the new maize crop averages K3.50 per kg (about K175 per 50kg bag) while the previous season’s maize averages K4.00 per kg (about K200 per 50kg bag).

These prices are expected to gradually reduce to around K3.20 per kg (about K160 per 50kg bag) as the new crop which is currently being harvested, is on the market in July, 2022.

  • Mealie meal prices and supply

The latest retail price of breakfast mealie meal is averaging K150 per 25kg bag while the price of the same quantity of roller meal is averaging K110.

Prices are slightly higher in some areas of Muchinga, Northern, Eastern and Western provinces mainly as a result of external influences such as smuggling.

Otherwise mealie meal is in adequate supply throughout the country. Different brands are found in different areas of the country, thereby giving the consumer a wide choice. These brands are also being sold at different prices.

I further wish to state that mealie meal prices for millers that are participating in the Maize Export Programme are lower as they are compensated with exports. Government projects mealie meal prices to gradually fall as the new maize from our small-scale farmers start being offloaded on the market.

The relatively high mealie meal  prices currently being experienced are a result of the high price of carry-over maize grain which is being used to process the mealie meal.

  • Wheat

I further  wish to inform the nation that the country currently has a total wheat stock of 319,356.00 metric tonnes. The country also expects to produce 874,400.00 metric tonnes of cassava flour and 63,911 metric tonnes of paddy rice.

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