Councillors sensitize people to adhere to Covid-19 measures

 Councillors sensitize people to adhere to Covid-19 measures

Chingola Mayor Titus Tembo has advised Councillors to take keen interest in sensitizing people in their communities to continue adhering to corona virus guidelines.

Mr Tembo said that the virus is real and deadly but lately people have relaxed in observing the measures.

The Mayor was speaking to Councillors during an ordinary Council meeting.

He said that Councillors should get involved in the fight and it is their duty to ensure that their community members are adhering.

Mr Tembo also said that individuals should not also forced to follow but it is their duty to protect themselves.

“People are just moving up and down without knowing the impact this virus has on them it is not right to ignore the measures that have been put up,” he said.

Chingola Town Clerk Kabombo Mutakela called for unity among Councillors to work together to achieve goals and serve communities better.

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