Council projects are not political linked

Dear Editor
I write to caution our politicians especially members of parliament (MPs) to stop politicising Council projects.
I have observed for some time now how Council projects in this country have been many times hijacked by MPs even when the projects have nothing to do with political linkage.
It is high time that our civic leaders know the role of councils where service delivery is concerned in this country Stop fighting these Councils but help them deliver to the general populous because these developmental projects are a plus to you as well.
The whole of these fights are because the Mayors and Council Chairpersons are working hand in hand with Town Clerks to execute these projects as per their mandate to the benefit of their districts.
So why start fighting for whose project it is when these projects are for the benefit of the community members?
Note that Mayors didn’t chose to be executive Mayors but it was your own act of Parliament that gave them these powers and the best you can do for now is not to continue having these dark corner fights maligning one another but engage each other. This is not time for squabbles but work.
Next time you are vested with a chance to pass some of such acts in Parliament, do a thorough research before just agreeing so that you are again not compelled to swallow your own bitter pill.
I hope this is a big lesson learnt.
Wisdom Muyunda



The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism

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