Council of NGOs happy with Govt willingness to work with them

 Council of NGOs happy with Govt willingness to work with them


Council of NGOs in Zambia Chairperson McDonald Chipenzi says that the willingness by the new Government to enhance civil society participation in the governance process is a milestone.

Mr Chipenzi said this stance will also help and further call for the strengthening of the position of the Council of NGOs in Zambia in coordinating the operations of the NGOs in the country.

He said that the Council of NGOs in Zambia look forward to conversation with the President on how his government can accelerate the repeal and replacement of the NGO Act of 2009.

Mr Chipenzi has appealed to the Ministry of Justice to quickly table the NGO Bill before this session of parliament.

“The President’s consistency in respecting media freedoms explains why he wants enhanced participation of Civil Society in the National affairs which will consequently help promote good governance.

“Without media freedoms, it would be hard for the civil society to effectively participate and provide effective checks and balances in governance,” he said.

He said this will not only smoothen the operation of the media and promote accountability and transparency but also effective citizens participation in fighting bad governance and corruption.

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