Cops in Chingola make in roads in cracking naked-masked gang

 Cops in Chingola make in roads in cracking naked-masked gang

Police in Chingola are making in roads to crack down the gang which raid homes naked and wearing masks.

On February 9, this year the axe and iron bars yielding six member gang attacked a couple in Chikola Loop Area and got away with household goods worthy K7, 700.

The good news is that police have arrested the suspect that could help break the police jigsaw in rounding up the gang.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confined the arrest of Kelvin Silungwe Maoma who she says would help with investigations.

Ms Katanga said though the bandits were naked and were wearing masks, tye arrested suspect Maoma 24, of 42 Chikola Loop Area remains prime suspect of aggregated robbery.

She said Maoma had hacked Kelvin Chipango and his wife Trina Kasuba of the same area with an axe on the heads.

Ms Katanga said Mr Chipango sustained four deep cuts in the head while his wife Trina sustained a cut on the head and sustained General body pains.

“But during the wrestle on February 9, around 23:00 hrs, Mr Chipango managed to remove the mask of Maoma though Maoma quickly shouted for help from his gang which came in and axed Mr Chipango and the wife.

“The duo was admitted in the hospital and have since been discharged and the condition has been reported as stable.

“After being hacked Maoma stole house goods worthy K7, 700. Maoma is detained in police custody at Chiwempala Police Station charged with aggrevated robbery,” he said.

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