Cop shoots thuggery cops in Chingola

 Cop shoots thuggery cops in Chingola

The one in blue uniform is a police officer who was on duty while those in civilian clothes are officers under Kamfinsa mobile unit but were acting in thuggery way trying to disarm him and were caught by bullets

Two Kamfinsa police officers have been shot in the legs by a fellow police officer after the duo tried to disarm the officer on duty.

The duo apart from failing to identify themselves, they went further in trying to disarm the police officer that was doing motorized patrol with Zamtel.

Copperbelt Police Chief Charity Katanga has confirmed the shooting.

There was a report of theft of Zamtel cables in Chingola’s Mwaiseni area and Constable Kacha was doing motorized patrols with Zametl personnel Chenda Michael 30, a Zamtel security officer of house number A 61 Chikola extension.

The Independent Observer has been told that as the Zamtel motorized crew had reached Mwaiseni the man from the Zametl control room had told them that it was in 12th Street in Nchanga South and not Mwaiseni.

They then drove to 12th Street around 03:00 hours where they found two men walking along the street.

The officer went out of the vehicle and identified himself and asked them to do the same.

But instead the two men challenged the officers by manhandling the officer despite identifying himself.

The officer sensed danger and in order to safeguard himself from the two men he fired two warning shots but they continued advancing towards him.

He then discharged maiming shots which caught with legs of the two of them.

But after the duo was taken to Nchanga North General Hospital during the resuscitation process, a police identity card dropped from a pocket of one.

At this point it was discovered that actually the two men were officers from Kamfinsa mobile unit attached to Konkola Copper Mines.

The two men were rushed to Nchanga North General hospital where it was discovered that they were believed to be police officers and identified as Constable Chalwe the other one not known as they were still being resuscitated.

“They were rushed to the hospital were. One had bullet wounds on both legs and the other one only on right leg. Both are officers under Kamfinsa mobile unit but were acting in thuggery way trying to disarm the officer on duty and were caught by bullets. Currently, they are nursing gunshot wounds in Nchanga South Mine hospital in Chingola,” The Independent Observer has been told.

The Independent Observer

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