Cop shoots himself dead

 Cop shoots himself dead

A Paramilitary Police Officer of Lilayi has shot himself dead so that he could no longer give his family problems.

Francis Mwenge Goma 37, a son of Professor Fastone Goma committed suicide by pulling the trigger of the AK47 under his custody.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo has confirmed the shooting to The Independent Observer in an interview.

Ms Katongo said that there is no known reason as to why Goma had taken his life but admitted that he left a reading “dear family its better this way, I have caused problem after problem, Mwengwe.” end of quote.

Ms Katongo said Goma was found dead in his room after shooting himself in the mouth using an AK47 assort rifle in his apartment which is a semidetached flat located at 225/02 Kaunda Square stage II.

This occurred on August 18, between 08:00hrs and 20:00 hours at the above residence.

“One round was expanded as 27 rounds were found in the magazine, 1 round in the chamber, 1 round in the left breast black (coat) jacket, and 1 empty cartridge on the floor next to the gun. He shot himself through the mouth and the exit is at the back skull (partella).

“The body has been picked and deposited in University Teaching Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. The police uniforms and other police property found in the same room, an AK47 rifle and 29 rounds of ammunitions have been secured at Chelstone police station, she said.

The Independent Observer

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