Continued cyber bullying reports, sign that ZICTA is dead

 Continued cyber bullying reports, sign that  ZICTA is dead


A Political Activist Geoffrey Mulenga says that ZICTA in its current form has ceased to inspire confidence among the general citizenry.

Mr Mulenga said the continued reports of hate speech, cyber bullying on numerous social platforms is worrying and a recipe for anarchy.

He said each day comes with a bunch of mixed concocted fake rumors, sometimes about the death of prominent people, without considering the families of these people.

Mr Mulenga said the unsoundly inhumane behaviour is becoming inappropriate and has deeply exposed and infiltrated our culture, morals and values highly polarized.

He said ZICTA is the last man in line that must act as a watchdog, but unfortunately the society’s watchdog is ineffective, incompetent and simply dead.

Mr Mulenga said If left unchecked, ZICTA has the potential to plunge the country in chaos.e

“These tendencies are dividing the nation, and institutions with a mandate to regulate these activities are watching in certain instances celebrating this vice. Countries like Rwanda are an example of how, social platforms if abused can plunge the country into chaos and its consequences can be devastating.

He said social platforms are being used to propagate tribal talk, and this equally has the potential to further divide the country and plunge us into chaos.


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