Congratulations Bally

 Congratulations Bally
Dear Editor
I first and foremost write with happiness to congratulate the 7th Zambian President elect His Excellence President Hakainde Hichilema on his victory to scoop the 12th August presidential election.
Indeed when one fails it is not time to quit but to try again and again until either your aspirations diminish or disengaged by any means not to continue.
I was so shocked to see how the youths who were several times than once threaten with either arrests or their bones broken when airing their problems to the authority then turned out in numbers to for once voice out.
Youths I commend you, for this election could indeed have been difficult without those your numbers knowing the characters we were dealing with. They had everything to lose to just win this election God knows for whatever reason.
Despite having all state resources and instruments, Zambians managed to win this election for themselves with ease because they even started safeguarding their votes with jealous.
It is now back to business as usual and I have trust that Bally and his selected stalwarts will not shelve the youths or respond to their grievances with arrogance and/or threats. This was a big lesson that should go down in history of Zambian elections.
On the other hand, Patriotic Front lost the elections on their own because they embraced cadre-ism in the corridors of power and were not open to advice; they were too arrogant to listen to any actually.
I have no doubt the new party in power have learnt serious lessons from the ills of PF.
Once more congratulations my President elect President HH aka Bally.
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

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