Confusion rocks PF grassroots in Kitwe

 Confusion rocks PF grassroots in Kitwe

Confusions have rocked the Patriotic Front (PF) filing in nominations in Butungwa ward with some party officials accusing the ward Councillor William Nyirenda of been biased towards founder members. 

Former Butungwa ward chairperson Nelson Mwenda says the PF in Chimwemwe constituency has been high jacked by a small group of people which does not want the founder members to continue leading the party.

Mr Mwenda who is vying for the position of secretary at ward level said the group that has high jacked the party is doing it for its own selfish needs as they do not belong to the PF.

In an interview with journalists at the PF secretariat in Kitwe, Mr Mwenda accused the district executives and Butungwa ward Councillor William Nyirenda of blocking his nomination.

He said constituency officials and the ward Councilor connived to block him from filing in his nomination yesterday.

Mr Mwenda revealed that he submitted nominations papers yesterday and later in his absence the papers were torn by some ward official.

And some visibly angry supporters for Mwenda Carol Phiri accused the ward Councilor of been a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party.

Ms Phiri confirmed that there is confusion in Butungwa ward accusing the Councilor of not embracing old members of the PF.

Meanwhile, former Butungwa ward youth Treasurer Blessed Kabungo said he was also blocked from filling in papers as vice chairperson by the officials from the party structures.

Mr Kabungo said when they went back yesterday to file in the papers they found the constituency and district offices locked.

Mr Kabungo accused the ward councillor for working with the NDC and the UPND.

He said people in Chimwemwe do not want the current Councilor, saying if their nomination is not sorted out, the people will be forced to vote for an independent person.

A check by the reporter found the offices locked by press time.

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