Concourt Judges should be detailed with Judgements

 Concourt Judges should be detailed with Judgements
Dear Editor
I write to appeal to the Judges that sit on the bench of Concourt when matters of nation interest are brought to the by aggrieved parties to endevour to exhaust the judgement without leaving the rest to be interpreted by the masses.
As a nation, we have been embroiled in unnecessary debates over some of its rulings and the implications on the constitution, with everyone arrogantly boasting that his/her interpretation is actually what Concourt maent.
We have right now debates that surround Concourt judgements on the cases of presidential eligibilty, prisoners voting, ministers’ illegal stay in office before 2021 general elections.
On the elligility, Concourt’s judgement is misinterpretted as that of president Lungu’s eligibility to stand in 2021, yet the judgement was addressing the issues to do with how the Country can save resources¬†going by the drain in the treasury after Mwnawasa and Sata died while in office.
By finishing someone’s term, it means to assume to office to continue with the same constitutional office bearers left by the incapacitated or dead president untill the next general election date, not to go for a full flagged campaign frenzy.
I don’t subscribe into believing that we are a group of educated illiterates.
Arguments that came were, what constitutes a term where the one finishing a term should base if he/she has served to finish a term of the president, counts as a full term or not. It did not say we go for an election to finish someone’s term.
In the case of Malembeka against the Attorney General over prisoners, the court ruled clearly that prisoners have the right to vote period, it did not say if they don’t vote in 2021, it was going against the constitution.
The ruling on the ministers who remained in office illegally to pay back also have left people talking since the constitution was violated. The big question is, what happens or what are the punitive measures where the Constitution of the land is violated?
Why do we have a Constitution and the ConCourt that sits and watches when the highest document of the land is being violated?
Finally, does it mean our Constitution is so complicated such that even those tasked and even swear to uphold find some clauses very difficult to understand, hence these unwarranted scenarios?
Wisdom Muyunda

The Independent Observer

John Sakala is a Journalist yearning for independent journalism