Concerns raised by Zambia Federation of Employers justified

Minister of Labour and Social Security Brenda Tambatamba has acknowledged that the concerns raised by Zambia Federation of Employers to scale-up productivity in the country are justified and the Ministry under her watch will try to resolve them in the quickest manner possible.

Ms Tambatamba said that the low levels of productivity are not only of concern to ZFE but the Ministry’s concern too especially that the Ministry has the entire department dedicated to productivity.

She said that the main problem in the Labour Market is the Lack of education on Labour laws from both the employer and employee which the Ministry is in the for-front of solving in order to have a peaceful Labour Market.

“All concerns that the ZFE has, shall be address at the Tripartite Consultative Labour Council in front of all sectors of the Labour Market and no one is left behind,” she said.

Ms Tambatamba has strongly urged the ZFE to make sure that their members work within the confines of the law in order to reduce on the already dilapidating Labour Market.

And ZFE Acting President who was accompanied by his executive committee, appealed that the Ministry can be a friend to the industry by taking an approach that could ensure that the industry has proper systems of man power development.

She said that among other things, Skills Development Levy should be used in the implementation of the National Policy on internship in a properly managed programme.

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