Comply with our Laws or else, Kitwe Mayor tells off Chinese investors

 Comply with our Laws or else, Kitwe Mayor tells off Chinese investors

…as he directs all Chinese trading in Kapoto to relocate to town for their safety

The Kitwe district administration and the local authority have called on the Chinese community to adhere to laws if they are to continue doing business in Kitwe.

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe said Zambians do not want to hear stories that the Chinese in the district have continued to abuse Zambians working for them.

Mr Kang’ombe was speaking during the 2nd consultative meeting with the Chinese nationals on the implementation of the statutory instrument No 1 of 2017 in Kitwe today.

He said the Chinese trading in the district are expected to follow the Zambian laws as stipulated in the constitution.

“It’s unfortunate that some Chinese nationals have continued to abrogate the laws. The local authority and the central government want all Chinese companies to make available their investments licence indicating the nature of business together with work permits.

“All Chinese retail shops operating in Kapoto compound, Chimwemwe, Miseshi and Chamboli should relocate to the  town centre or shopping malls and industrial area as this will make it easier for law enforcement agencies to protect them in case  of any arrest,” he said.

Mr Kang’ombe informed the meeting that the first meeting conducted with the Local stakeholders resolved that an approved list of items to be sold by the Chinese under retail and wholesale sections be made available for easier monitoring.

He urged the main contractors on the road project AVIC International and the Nkana water project being done by CHICCO to comply with section 4 of the S.I No. 1 of 2017 to subcontract Zambian companies on transporting public procured goods.

And Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu urged Chinese companies consider paying more than the k 990 minimum wage per month allowed by Government to motivate the local people.

Mr Mpundu emphasized that Chinese companies should desist from engaging fellow Chinese in doing business as this is perceived to be killing local businesses.

He said Zambians are currently talking ill of the Chinese because of the lower wages they are been paid.

The stakeholders agreed that all Chinese operated companies in Kitwe apply for membership to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and  begin undertaking corporate social responsibility programmes to benefit local communities.

The consultative public meetings are aimed at finding a solution to the broken down relationships between Zambians and Chinese nationals in the district.

Part 3 of the SI states that the sale of live birds in a market or any other place designated under a written law is reserved for targeted citizens, citizen influenced companies, citizen empowered companies and citizen owned companies.

While part 4 stating that domestic haulage for all procurement works is reserved for targeted citizens and citizen influenced, citizen empowered and citizen owned companies.




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