CNBM-constructed Zambia Industrial Park maintains stable operation, contributes to local industrial development

 CNBM-constructed Zambia Industrial Park maintains stable operation, contributes to local industrial development

The Zambia Industrial Park constructed by China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd. (CNBM) three years ago in Chiyeya, 19 kilometers away from Zambia’s capital Lusaka, has grown into a signboard for Africa’s international cooperation.

It not only satisfies Zambia’s demand for high-quality building materials in the country’s infrastructure construction, but also sets an example for mutually beneficial cooperation that stresses efficiency, quality, environment and responsibility.

As the largest modern cement plant on the African continent, the Zambia Industrial Park has launched all the products of its phase-one project in the market. It offers around 400 jobs for the local community, and has significantly boosted local industrial development including transportation, packaging and relevant service sectors.

The industrial park covers an area of around 350 hectares. It has four production lines which are capable of producing a million tons of clinker cement, 60 million sintered bricks, 700,000 tons of aggregate and 200,000 cubic meters of concrete on an annual basis.

Actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, the industrial park has received high recognition from local government and organizations. Since the construction of the industrial park commenced, it has donated a hospital and a school to the local community, and contributed to a Zambian AIDS prevention and control foundation. Besides, it also built roads and drilled wells for local residents, offered them solar-powered lighting facilities and drainage systems, donated to local orphanages and helped with local COVID-19 control.

The Zambia Industrial Park will build itself into a comprehensive base for construction materials that radiates the entire Southeast Africa. With a plan to extend its industrial chain and enrich its product lines, the second-phase project of the industrial park will establish cement production lines and launch other high-tech construction material products according to the demands of the Zambian market, and carry out international trade businesses of construction materials.

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