CMC to axe unauthorized billboards and banners

 CMC to axe unauthorized billboards and banners

3D illustration of blank white billboard against blue sky.

Chingola Municipal Council is set to remove unauthorized billboards and banners in the district.

This is in a bid to deter illegal installation of billboards in the district and improve the cleanliness of the central business district.

Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Nambela Kyombela said the local authority has noted with concern that some individuals are placing billboards without approval from the Council.

Ms Kyombela said the district needs to be maintained in a lawful and orderly manner that includes the installation of billboards and banners.

“The Local authority has set the following guidelines when it comes to billboards and banners set up, Make a written application to the office of the Town Clerk or visit the valuation section under the Finance department to ascertain specifications of the billboard and payments to be made to that effect.

“Then the verification process  after presentations of proof of payment and a receipt a site visit is conducted by officers from engineering department under highway section to ensure the location where the billboard is to be placed, will not cause obstruction to oncoming traffic,” she said.

She said Billboards are charged annually per square meter and banners attract a charge of k10 per day.

“According to minute number FVCU/285/07/2020 during the proceedings of a  full council meeting held on Friday 24th July, 2020 council approved a report by the director finance to remove billboards and banners found installed without approval or those not paid for in order to deter illegal installation of billboards in the district,” she said.

Ms Kyombela said those whose debt for billboards had become unsustainable including those whose owners were untraceable would be removed from the ground and forfeited to the Local Authority for lease to new clients.

She said the Local authority has since urged that all billboards and banners found on the ground without approval will attract a fine of k10, 000.