Climate Change important yet ignored

 Climate Change important yet ignored

Action Aid Project Officer for Climate Justice Ceswa Mpandamabula says climate Change is an important and critical issue that is overlooked hence the need to partner with the media.

Mr Mpandamabula said the media has an important role to play in disseminating climate change information to the general public through informed reporting.

He said climate change is a cross cutting problem and affect economics as long as climate change continues to be a threat.

Mr Mpandamabula said this at a Climate Justice training in Lusaka he said media personals should take interest in learning about climate change, causes and the impact it has on the economy.

He said the media should give evidence based reporting on climate change and inform the readership about the danger climate change poses.

Mr Mpandamabula said that the media can also make follow ups on what government is doing to respond to climate change as duty bearers.

He said Government have created the National policy on climate change and few individuals are aware hence through the media come up with sensitization programs to enlighten the people.

“Sometimes it is ignorance and people are not aware that certain activities they are doing will have an impact on the environment hence for duty bearers to find a way to incorporate climate change when there are meet up with their people.

“We are involving young people in our climate Change Campaigns so that we create a movement around young people who are a majority and most impacted by climate change. And we are also trying to blend in the aspect of climate change into the political agenda,” he said.

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