Clergy men told to respect the pulpit

 Clergy men told to respect the pulpit

New Congress party (NCP) president Peter Mulenga Chanda has advised the clergy to respect the pulpit.

Pastor Chanda says the pulpit is sacred and one should not preach politics while preaching the word of God.

Pastor Chanda also strongly condemned Bread of Life Church General Overseer Joe Imakando who recently said change of government is a must.

The clergy should learn from those that have erred in their prophecies which never came to pass, I wondered why other men of God and ministers especially from Nigeria who say a lot about our politics,” he said.

Pastor Chanda urged the clergy to stick to the mission as per ordained, which is preaching salvation and the massage of love.

“I am shock that the Bishop said there are no medicines in the health facilities, and that the cost of living is high, all these are political sentiments aimed at propagating for a change of government, a move not acceptable for clergy man to do,” he said.

Pastor Chanda said that the clergy men should communicate through press briefings unlike communicating via the pulpits their political massages.

“What people should know, is that it is more costly to build a clinic or hospital than supplying medicines to these health facilities, the PF has built 550 health facilities out of the 650 health facilities projected countrywide and that is a plus for the country,” he said.

Pastor Chanda has since advised the Bishop to seek for an appointment to air his views on his suggestions to the President on the way forward on some of the challenges unlike using the pulpit for political campaigns.