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Chililabombwe Deputy Mayor Boyd Soko has told traders to have a change of mindset in waste management to trade in a conducive environment.  

Mr Soko said that through waste management traders can traded in a clean and safe environment.

HE said a dirt environment is a breeding ground for water bone diseases such as cholera, hence the need for a clean environment which is associated with good health.

Mr Soko said the re-lunch of the cleaning program would encourage people to have a renewed mindset on keeping the environment clean and heath to avoid outbreak of disease.

“We always attend to the issues of waste management as a local authority and everyone should understand the reason of making our towns clean and health. It’s one way we can free ourselves from diseases,” he said.

Chililabombwe District commissioner (DC) Paul Mulenga has urged Congolese trades to participate in the keep cleaning saying in case of any outbreak everyone will be affected.

Mr Mulenga said to maintain sanity everyone should come on board and work as a team.

And Chililabombwe Council Public Health Director Tonny Kapeshi said a clean environment is a benefit to the country’s economy because less money would be spend on trying to cure people suffering from water bone disease.

Mr Kapeshi said marketeers and community participation is vital whereever they are to keep the surrounding clean to prevent communicable and water borne diseases in the district.