CITTA to partner with Zambia in advancing

 CITTA to partner with Zambia in advancing

The Brazilian International Center for Innovation and Transfer of Agricultural and Livestock Technology (CITTA) has expressed interest to partner with Zambia in advancing agricultural research and technology.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Brazil Alfreda Mwamba during a Virtual meeting in Brasilia, welcomed the call by CITTA stating that the possible areas of cooperation are in line with Zambia’s programs of growing the Agricultural sector.

Dr Kansembe said Zambia’s policy of developing the agriculture sector will be supplemented by CITTA who are specialized in advanced technology and research mechanisms that have provided positive results in African countries such as Nigeria that are in partnership with CITTA.

She said that strengthening the Agricultural sector, through technological transfer initiatives, training and capacity building while focusing on small and medium scale farmers is the right direction of growing Zambia’s Agricultural industry.

Ambassador Kansembe is impressed to note that CITTA has worked with a number of African countries and would like to incorporate Zambia in the Agricultural technology and research projects.

And CITTA President Mr Cleber Lima Guarany stated that once the agreement actualizes with Zambia’s Ministry of Agriculture, CITTA is ready to provide advanced technology transfer for the production of seeds, inputs, cattle genetics, breeding and transfer of knowledge as well as practices in sustainable agricultural and livestock sectors.

Mr Guarany said that the cooperation with Zambia would establish collaboration to promote training in capacity building, project structuring to support the needs of Zambia’s Agricultural sector.

He said his organization has been working with several African Countries in developing the Agricultural sector using advanced research and technology, which has yielded positive results.

The CITTA President added that globally effective Technology in the Agricultural sector has provided economic sustainability through wealth and employment creation for the people.

CIITTA’s mission is to provide technical support for agricultural projects on the African continent and ensure the successful implementation of the ventures, through technical training and technological transfer, such as the production of high-quality seeds.

Alice Nachilembe

Alice Nachilembe is a Journalist who yearns for a better country with leaders being accountable to their mandate without oppressing the governed.