Circumcised men likely to die after 10 yrs reveals an International NGO report

 Circumcised men likely to die after 10 yrs reveals an International  NGO report

A United States of America non-governmental organisations has concluded a research indicating that those who are circumcised are likely to die ten years after cutting the foreskin of their manhood.

Deltas Clare, a US NGO has revealed that the medication used for Circumcised men reacts after 10 years.

According to the report published by WikiLeaks, an investigative online media that has over time exposed the West on several scandals, Deltas Clare has not published the report and has its website hacked after its report found its way to WikiLeaks.

According to the documents accessed at WikiLeaks website, the report by the Delta Clare, the West has pumped billions of dollars into campaigns for circumcision in Africa with suspicious intentions of wiping out the black race.

WikiLeaks says apart from the HIV/AIDS pandemic, circumcision of men is part of the Western’s plan to whipe out the African race.

The claim advanced by World Health organization and protagonists of circumcision is that is reduces chances of women to have cervical cancer but the Delta Clare report says when a foreskin is properly washed everyday, it can’t be a source of cancer for women.

Just last week, A United States researcher reviewed that they created HIV virus to completely wipe out the black race/Malawian Eye.

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