Christopher Kalenge upsets PF in Lufwanyama

 Christopher Kalenge upsets PF in Lufwanyama

PF in Lufwanyama is disappointed to hear that Christopher Kalenge claims that he sold his house in Riverside in Kitwe to help the party in the district.

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Lufwanyama District Information Publicity Secretary (IPS) Emmanuel Silwamba said Mr Kalenge popped up in 2011 towards the general election.

Mr Silwamba wondered how someone who popped up in 2011 can be claiming to be one of the founder members of PF in Lufwanyama.

He said Mr Kalenge is one person who cannot be trusted because he’s just a play boy even the relationship with Harry kalaba will not last long.

“As Lufwanyama PF soldiers we are immediately demanding Kr Kalenge and Mr Kalaba to stop misleading people of Lufwanyama that President Lungu has failed. President Lungu is the only President in southern region who has brought massive development closer to the people of Zambia.

“We are very much read and we are on the ground monitoring your movements. PF is not going to allow such no sense to happen in Lufwanyama. Surprisingly enough when you were sitting on the Copperbelt PF executive committee instead of giving allegiance to the provincial chief Stephen Kainga and President Lungu, you started worshipping Mr Kalaba which is total madness. As we are speaking right now the man is finished and will see how far he will go with Harry Kalaba,” he said.

Mr Kalenge had earlier this week refuted claims that he was aligned to Democratic Party of Mr Kalaba.

He said he would remain loyal to PF.

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